11.10.2000 SHADOW HOST will play several concerts in Moscow:

  • 14.10. Moskvallica fest. Presentation of Russian METALLICA tribute. Together with TRANSYLVANIA, NORDREAM, CHRONICA, , , ... The show will be in SPUTNIK club
  • 14.10. Three hours later in R-Club one more concert together with SEDUCER's EMBRACE, GULFSTREAM, ELISIUM...
  • 29.10. MUSICA Mustdie Fest in Sputnic Club. The Greatest web-magazine and the best russian metal brothers and sisters are waiting for you!!!
    You'll see SHADOW HOST, ABSURD (Melodic death Metal, Moscow), FORGIVE-ME-NOT (Melodic Heavy Wave, Tula), RADIGOST (Melodic Black-Doom, Moscow), NEOTRUTH (Death Metal, Tula).

27.09.2000 Happy Birthday to my brother Toxa Zanoza!!!

25.09.2000 Miracles of MIRRORLAND have been updated... There are new wallpaper (new Twilight Legend's cover), Listeners' Reviews, ALIVE magazine and MUSICA MUSTDIE reviews on Downfall album.

24.09.2000 I think SHADOW HOST's show in Zhuckovsky will be canceled or it will be later... Because SHADOW HOST haven't heard news from organizers. :-(

23.09.2000 SHADOW HOST's video clip "Beyond The Line" is done!!! I didn't watched it but they say that it is fantactic!!!

23.09.2000 MIRRORLAND has been updated - there's new message board, and new layout of pages. See you in Belozersky today!!!

21.09.2000 Next saturday SHADOW HOST will take part in live show Belozersky together with Best Russian Melodic Death Band ABSURD. The show will start near 4 pm.

18.09.2000 Last saturday SHADOW HOST took part in live show in R-Club as special guest.

14.09.2000 Our live show in Mozhaisk will be delayed... it will be after two weeks in the beginning of October. Sorry...

12.09.2000 Happy Birthday to ex-EPIDEMIA frontman Pavel Okunev!!!

11.09.2000 ATTENTION!!! SHADOW HOST on tour!!! New tour dates are known now:

16.09.2000 - Mozhaisk
23.09.2000 - Belozersky
30.09.2000 - Zhuckovsky

05.09.2000 New Alfirin's pictures appeared in ART GALLERY. There are two fantastically beautiful full-color pics of elves!

04.09.2000 More new FACES appeared. Watch photos from Ludmila Gerasko's (GULF STREAM keyboardist) birthday: SHADOW HOST with brothers and sisters from GULF STREAM, ABSURD, SEDUCERS EMBRACE, NECROST and TRANSYLVANIA.

31.08.2000 Alexey Martynov's artifacts were complited today.

30.08.2000 ARTS of MIRRORLAND page is updated today. It is beautiful - our fans are drawing SHADOW HOST!!!

24.08.2000 HOSTS of MIRRORLAND section updating is started today. Look at hosts' faces. I hope to add more information after weekend. Or something tomorrow. Also I added today few photos in FACES OF MIRRORLAND section. Look at the newest SHADOW HOST's band photos!!!

20.08.2000 SHADOW HOST will take part in party with ABSURD, CHRONICA, MELANCHOLY and MAXIMUS PONTIFEX in U2 Club in Moscow at 18:00.

02.08.2000 Voices section were updated. But Real Media files are not available.

31.07.2000 New chains were added to the MIRRORLAND.

25.07.2000 Interview for ALIVE magazine were added to the MIRACLES of MIRRORLAND.

19.07.2000 New reviews were added to the MIRACLES of MIRRORLAND.

18.07.2000 METAL OBSERVER's REVIEW on Downfall album were added to the MIRACLES of MIRRORLAND.

18.07.2000 The Name of Sergey Kutaev's Son is Cyril (). Cyril S. Kutaev.

11.07.2000 Sergey Kutaev and his son like two drops of water!!! The weight of child is 3,400gr. Young boy and Sergey's wife feeling good.

10.07.2000 SHADOW HOST's drummer SERGEY KUTAEV became a FATHER!!! SEGREY and his wife MARINA have little SON!!! AAAAA!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you're looking for more information, please visit this site later.

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