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 7.11.2000  Site has been fully redisigned.


26.10.2000  This site, MIRRORLAND, changed server and will be hosted on MUSICA MUSTDIE. Great thanks to MUSICA's authors and BeerBong especially. I thing this site will change its main idea and will be dedicated my friends, fantasy, music and my new band. I wait you to tell the latest news about me and my band. I stay with you!!!

20.10.2000  WARNING!!!
Hi Brothers and Sisters!!! This day is very important point of my life and my musical life. 6 years ago I joined SHADOW HOST to grow up together with my band to became who I am at this time. But today I leave SHADOW HOST. My legend doesn't stop. I am still strong and I am still alive. Believe me... After similar month I'll be back with new band to play and sing for you, my friends!!!

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